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The Movie of my Life

I little mental game I like to play is this: if there were to be a movie made of my life, what actor/actress would play each of my friends? Here is my casting so far; if you aren't a friend of mine, this is going to mean nothing to you - you may as well skip it.

Sometimes I pick someone because they look right, sometimes because they act right, sometimes I don't really know why -- they just somehow feel right.

A "*" means I'm not entirely happy with that particular piece of casting, but it's better than the many friends who aren't on the list at all because I haven't come up with anyone remotely right for the part.

Stacey A. Illeana Douglas (Most recently, the female star's coworker in "Message in a Bottle")
Greg C. Christopher Meloni (Most recently, stars in "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit")
Robin C. Jewel*
Dave E. Peter MacNicol (Plays John Cage on "Ally McBeal")
Adam F. Abraham Benrubi (Played Jerry on "ER")
Michele F. Paget Brewster (Played Joey/Chandler's girlfriend Kathy on "Friends")
Cathy G. Paula Marshall* (Starred in the short-lived series "Cupid" and "Snoops")
Chris G. Chris Noth (Used to star in "Law and Order", now on "Sex and the City")
Me Dylan McDermott*
Jim J. Eric McCormack (Plays Will on "Will and Grace")
Kelly J. Jennifer Connelly (Best known for her starring role in "Labyrinth")
Mark O. Kurt Russell
Jennifer P. Molly Ringwald
Sarah W. Lisa Kudrow
Dallas W. Matt Damon
Katie W. Ashley Judd