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Flying Dream

I've had a recurring dream for as long as I can remember. In it, I am flying; not powered flight like a bird or an airplane, but more like a human cannonball. I'm always on some sort of human-powered vehicle, usually a bicycle or a skateboard; last night it was a weird triangular skateboard with wheels on each of the three corners. I do something to deliberately launch myself into the air, like ride up a ramp or fly off of a precipice. However, I go a great deal higher in the air than I intend to; so high that I don't think I'll be able to land safely. My stomach does that free-fall lurch like when an elevator starts down or when you drive your car over a steep hill. At this point, I'm pretty scared, because I'm sure I'm going to make a big splat when I land. Sometimes I wake up before I land, while other times I land -- roughly but without injury.

I'm sure this says something profound about my personality, but I'm not sure exactly what.