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I did a lot of research before building this. Among the designs I considered:

  • The New Yankee Workshop workbench.
  • The Workbench Book by Scott Landis contains lots of great designs.
  • The Popular Woodworking $175 workbench (see also DIY Ultimate Workshop).
  • The Weekend Workbench or the Handyman's Bench from (see also DIY Woodworking).
  • The American Woodworker $250 workbench.

    I struggled, as I'm sure many woodworkers do, to resist the urge to add every possible bell and whistle and to try to build the ultimate workbench to last the rest of my life (computer scientists have this urge too :-). Eventually, I came to a conclusion that I later read in The Workbench Book, namely that one's first workbench should be simple and easy, until you have enough experience to know what kinds of projects you will be building and what features you need (or don't need).

    My design is essentially the same as the New Yankee one, except I eliminated the tail vise and added a shoulder vise (which I already had). I'm sure the tail-vise and bench-dog assembly would be useful, but again, I wanted to keep it simple until I learn what I do or don't need.