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Notes from a novice woodworker.

Saturday, November 23, 2002
The show Wood Works is nowhere near as good as NYW, but it's worth watching. David Marks's delivery is much more, well, wooden than Norm's, but he's definitely talented, and he definitely does some things differently than Norm. For example, in this morning's episode, he cut some dovetails by hand, something I'd never seen done before.

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I just finished my third project, a benchtop router table. Now, on to some "real" (as opposed to shop) projects.

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Monday, November 18, 2002
Now that I've been using it for a year or so, I can definitely say that I do not recommend my Delta 36-560 (aka TS220LS) table saw. Aside from the fact that it's generally just sort of cheap, my particular dislikes are the nonstandard miter slot and throat opening. (As far as I can figure out, it's about impossible to put a zero-clearance insert in it.) I don't know if any of the under-$200 saws are better in this regard. When I bought this saw, I was debating between the Delta 36-600 (now the TS300 Shopmaster) and the Black & Decker BT2500. Both are around $400, and both seem like solid saws. I've also heard many good reviews of the Ryobi BT3100, which last I heard was about $300 at Home Depot. As for myself, I'll live with what I've got until I can afford a high-end contractor's saw, such as the DeWalt Woodworker's saw or the new Jet SuperSaw.

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Thursday, November 07, 2002
When I first got interested in woodworking, about a year ago, I subscribed to Woodsmith and ShopNotes. Both are fine magazines, but they're a little expensive, and I thought I'd see what else is out there. So, I let those subscriptions lapse, and instead subscribed to Workbench and Woodworker's Journal. I like them at least as well, and they're a little less expensive.

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The stuff I wanted to put on my woodworking page was starting to feel like a weblog, so I made it one. It starts simply with the contents of the former page: descriptions of my first two projects (the rolling shop cabinet and the workbench) and of my shop (currently just a partial list of my tools, but soon to be updated with a description of the actual shop).

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