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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


One of the things on my "life list" is to learn how to bind books. Toby Craig writes an excellent
photojournal on his bookbinding techniques. I believe this is standard "perfect binding," and in any event it's just the kind I want to be able to do.

Chasing past this, I found a few other relevant resources:

  • Brian Sawyer has a Flickr photo set showing the handbinding of a hardback book.
  • Douglas Jones describes his technique for binding photocopies of out-of-print books. Great tutorial, though I find his binding technique a little less aesthetically pleasing than Craig's.
  • LJ has a handmade book community.
  • Sheila Summers also writes a bookbinding tutorial, though again, I find her technique less pleasing than Craig's.
  • Handbound is a bookbinding blog.
  • Graeme Birchall describes a very quick-and-dirty binding technique. This is definitely "quick and dirty," but much easier than the above techniques.

    There's just something about paper, isn't there? I was cleaning out some old stuff the other day, and it struck me that I still have reports I wrote in the third grade, but I have electronic data from six years ago that I cannot read (it's on Macintosh zip disks, and I have neither a Mac nor a zip drive any more).

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    I have added the entire contents of "The Art of Bookbinding 1897" online if you would like to read it.
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