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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Hotel lotta love

Holiday Inn - Ocean CityThe Holiday Inn in Ocean City, MD is our new favorite vacation destination. For many years we've been weeklong condo-rental people, first in Ocean City and, for the last couple of years, in Nag's Head. However, we stayed in this hotel for a long weekend right before Memorial Day, and now we're spoiled for life. Sure, it's smaller than a condo would be, but people clean up after you every day. There's a full kitchen, but if you don't feel like cooking, there's a restaurant right downstairs (and kids eat free). The pool at this hotel is great, with a slide, a vortex, and other fun stuff that entertained all of our kids, from 1 year old to 7 years old, and us too. The beach is right out front, as is the Ocean City boardwalk. Our car didn't move for the four days we were there; the only place we went was Ocean City, to which we walked or took the tram that runs down the boardwalk. We were so impressed with hotel vacationing, and this hotel in particular, that this August (which we'd already booked) will be our last in Nag's Head or in condos; from now on, we'll take two or three days in May and four or five in August at this Holiday Inn. It's a bit more expensive than a condo, but you gain a lot of flexibility: With a condo, you have to stay a week, and you're locked in from the moment you send in your deposit, but with a hotel, you can stay for just as many days as you want, and you can change or cancel your reservation up until days before your stay. All in all, highly recommended; if you vacation in Ocean City, or would consider doing so, check it out.

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