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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Windows -- well, window -- security

No, not the computer kind. The previous owners of my home put window locks on all the first floor windows, which require keys to lock or unlock. One of the windows in my office has a different lock than all of the rest (which all take the same key), so of course I lost the key to that one. It was locked open. So, after a couple of weeks of looking for the key (during which time, of course, the window could not be locked at all), I gave up and went to replace the lock. It was attached with those screws like you see in public bathrooms, that can only be screwed but not unscrewed (even though I see no way a thief could bring a screwdriver to bear on those screws unless he was already in your house), so I had to back them out painstakingly with pliers. On the other hand, using the screwdriver I couldn't use on the screws, I was able to just bust the lock mechanism completely off; but I'm sure no thief would try that, eh? I'm sure
Bruce Schneier would have something interesting to say about this situation. Oh, and literally within seconds of destroying the lock mechanism, I found the key -- it was lodged in the window frame where I had apparently opened the window all the way, and the key came out of the lock and stuck in the wood when I closed it.

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