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Monday, May 10, 2004

The TV in our bedroom, a Magnavox from five years back or so, has a sleep timer, like most late-model TVs. We use this feature pretty much every night. What I especially like about the sleep timer on this particular TV is that when it reaches a minute until shutoff time, a message appears on the screen, "SLEEP TIMER ... 60 SECONDS." The time counts down until, at about three seconds left, it changes to "SLEEP TIMER ... GOOD NIGHT." I love that someone paid enough attention to detail to add that little conditional to implement a feature that, by definition, most people will never see, and which, frankly, no-one would miss if it weren't there. Bravo, Magnavox, it's good to see that somewhere you have (or, at least, had) an engineer who takes pride in his or her work.


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