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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Ned Batchelder, the How grammatically sound are you? quiz. Ned's post complains a bit about arcane rules of grammar that don't match the way people really speak. The heart of this argument is the age-old battle between the prescriptivists, who believe that the rules of grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary strictly define the "correct" use of a language, and descriptivists, who believe that the "correct" language is that which is actually spoken, and any rules should simply codify real usage. (Some refer to these as judgmental and nonjudgmental, respectively.) I am more on the side of prescriptivism, and my wife (an English professor) even moreso; Ned, apparently, is more of a descriptivist. I could go on, but Mark Halpern's Atlantic essay says it much better than I would. (BTW, according to that quiz I'm a 'Grammar God,' as I would expect.)

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