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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Derek Woolstar makes some good
comments about money management. I have a similar rule: I never buy anything over about $100 without waiting overnight. This probably eliminates 30-40% of my purchases outright. I also bought the same van he did, and had a similarly weird dealer experience. We wanted a specific set of options in a specific color, which of course no-one had on the lot. One dealer was willing to generously give us a different van he had in stock for a whopping $800 off MSRP (to which I laughed out loud), but if we wanted to order the exact one we wanted, we would have to pay sticker. We walked out, and he let us go, but the very next dealer we went to happily ordered us the van we wanted for just a few hundred over invoice. I still wonder what made each of them (particularly the first) behave the way they did.

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