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Friday, June 27, 2003

I saw Hulk last night, and liked it more than most of the reviews I've read would suggest. I went to see it largely for the filmmaking aspects, where I was definitely not disappointed; Ang Lee is awesome, and from a purely visual perspective the movie was a real pleasure to watch. As for the movie itself, it was pretty okay, though I must admit that the climax made me go, "huh?" People have complained a lot about the Hulk's CGI, but I thought it was perfect adequate. A little cartoonish, perhaps, but I thought that fit in fine with the fact that the whole movie was basically a live-action cartoon. This is definitely a movie that if it's worth seeing at all, it's worth seeing on the big screen, and I found it worthwhile if only for the visual aspects of its filmmaking. (Warning, though: I felt the same about Waterworld.)


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