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Friday, March 29, 2002

simplified budget strategy is a great idea. The idea is that rather than budgeting for each individual category, which never works (partly because people don't follow them, and partly because individual-category spending fluctuates a lot), you just try to keep your spending on necessities down to 60% of your gross income. Of the remaining 40%, divide it evenly between retirement, long- and short-term saving, and "fun" -- i.e. non-necessity spending. This is much easier to track and follow than a "standard" budget, and also makes those category-spending fluctuations irrelevant, so long as the totals stay within bounds. Sadly, though, neither MS Money nor Quicken can handle this -- there's no way, at least that I can figure out, to easily have it show you your total spending over a bunch of categories, nor to warn you if that spending gets too high.

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