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Friday, April 20, 2001

After watching The Weakest Link the other night (aside: That show is doomed. It's too complicated, and the payouts are too low), a variation occurred to me, loosely based on the
prisoner's dilemma. You would play in pairs, of your choosing. You would be asked questions, as on Link, such that you could both hear the questions but couldn't see or hear each other. You can answer, or pass. If one of you answers wrong, or you both pass, you lose. If one answers right and the other passes, or both answer right, you win. If you are sure you know the answer, the strategy is easy: you answer. The trick is when you're not sure; then, you have to figure out whether your partner is more likely to know (and to be sure enough to answer) than you. If you think they'll know, then you don't want to sabotage them with your guess; however, you want to make sure you don't both pass.

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