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Thursday, June 22, 2000

Sunday, June 4, 2000
I went to the
Kemper Open today with my wife Cathy, her brother Chris, and his wife Karen. Gorgeous day to be outside all day. We were checking out the leader board, when all of a sudden Chris and I exclaimed excitedly (and simultaneously), "Hey, that scoreboard is mechanical!" (The wives called us geeks; guilty as charged.) Anyway, on closer inspection this board was a grid of about 240 x 60 little cubes, black on one side and tennis-ball yellow on the other. To form an image, it just flips the cubes appropriately (all at once, which makes a really cool noise if you're close enough to hear it). Just like the computer displays in The Difference Engine! I am at a loss to devise a way to do this kind of 2-D addressing mechanically, and a cursory web search turns up no useful information.

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