I like to write. I have a lot of writing in my head, on paper, or in various non-HTML electronic formats; eventually most of it will make its way here.

This page only contains my unpublished (mostly creative) writing; see also my (mostly technical) publications.

C++ Classes (song) (circa 01988)
Up, up, and away (3-18-01997)
Raquetball (3-18-01997)
Turf War (01998)
www.clownpenis.fart (9-28-01999)
My movie (10-2-01999; ongoing)
How to write a James Bond film (10-2-01999)
Higher math (10-5-01999)
Dream (10-7-01999)
Brand dilution (10-28-01999)
The Speakman Club (12-5-01999)
Swatch (12-5-01999)
Housing: Silicon Valley vs. Metro D.C. (2-22-02000)
Memorial Day (7-5-02000)
Scenes from High School (7-28-02000)
PIM Wish List (11-29-02000; ongoing)
IE5.5, Netscape6, and Opera5 (12-8-02000)
Installing Paneling (5-22-02002)
Analysis of The Game of Chips (11-3-02003)
Newly Digital (3-02004)