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Delta 36-560 Table Saw My table saw is a Delta 36-560 (since renamed the TS220LS Shopmaster). This is definitely an "economy" saw, but I think it's a good value (I got it from for $198 delivered). I started out looking at this saw, then told myself, "Well, if you're going to spend $200, you could spend $300 and get such-and-such somewhat better saw." I repeated this logic until I found myself in the low-end contractor's saws, in the mid-$500's. Then I got uncomfortable with spending $500+ on a hobby that I might not even end up getting serious about, and went back and ordered the 36-560. I tell myself that if I do get serious, even a low-end contractor's saw wouldn't have been good enough, and I'll get a higher-end contractor's saw or (if I find the space) a cabinet saw, and if I don't get serious, then this one will probably do just fine. I also got the Delta 36-515 Dado Head for Bench Saws; this is a stacked dado head, but cheaper than many due to the fact that it only can go as wide as 1/2" (which is all my saw can handle anyway).

Bosch 1617EVS Router I have a Bosch 1617EVS router. I got it from for $170 (with a coupon), and free shipping. I like it a lot, and once I get my router table built, I think this router will work well for that purpose as well, especially with Bosch's accompanying under-table base. Along with it I bought Freud's 13-piece bit set, which are amazingly high-quality; I paid $170 for these.

Black & Decker BT1500 Miter Saw I have a Black and Decker BT1500 Miter Saw, which is great. While the table saw is definitely the most important tool for woodworking, the miter saw is definitely the tool I use most overall -- I use it constantly for household carpentry.

My drill press is the Delta 11-985. It's a benchtop, but a little bigger (10") than their lowest-end 9" press.

I have a Firestorm cordless drill/driver, which is the greatest. Mine is an unfortunately-discontinued 13.2V model, but I've since decided that if you're going to buy a cordless tool, splurge the extra few dollars and get the highest-voltage one they offer (18V in the case of Firestorm).

I have a Craftsman circular saw, jigsaw, and corded drill from way back. All have served me well. The circular saw, I've discovered, seems backwards -- like it was made for lefties or something. But I'll live with it for a while -- there are too many tools I want and don't have to be replacing ones I already have!

A great place to get hardware and a lot of tool accessories (jigs, tables, etc.) is Rockler. Visit their web site, or order their catalog.