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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Wi-Fi Dogpile

A couple of weeks ago, the bandwidth I was getting dropped. A lot, like by a factor of 10. I checked my machine that had a wired connection, and it was fine. I opened my wireless-networks control panel, and discovered that where for quite some time my neighbor and I had the only wi-fi networks, there were three new ones. I changed the channel my network uses, and my bandwidth is back to normal. As an aside, all three of those new networks had default-like SSIDs. In related news, see Paul Boutin's
Slate article on stealing wi-fi. As for the ethical considerations of doing so, the best way I've heard it said is that it's okay to take a drink from your neighbor's hose. It's not okay to run a hose from his house into yours and use it to shower.

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