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Tuesday, November 06, 2001

All artificially banana-flavored food tastes the same, and none of it tastes anything like an actual banana.

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I just don't get people sometimes. We recently put a clothes dryer up for sale on eBay. One of the early bidders had a negative feedback total. Another guy, userid aaadispatchone, sent us a nasty mail chastising us for allowing someone with negative feedback to bid. Note that aaadispatchone had zero feedback. aaadispatchone ended up bidding and winning, we arranged for him to come get the dryer last Friday, and he never showed, nor called to tell us he wasn't coming. We called and sent emails, neither of which received any response. Then today he leaves negative feedback on us saying we wouldn't let him pick up the dryer. I'd tell you to beware of that userid, but I'm sure the jerk will just go create a new one now anyway.

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