Sunday, February 20, 2005

Lands' End Attaché

Lands' End Attache It is said that the world is divided into two types of people: optimizers, who seek the perfect solution to every problem, and satisficers, who merely seek solutions that are good enough. I am very much an optimizer, and one activity that gives us plenty of room to run is the purchase of luggage. There are so many parameters and compartments and packing widgets to choose from, and it is so hard to know which ones are good until you've bought one and lived with it for a while, that I find myself endlessly resisting the urge to get new luggage of various kinds. However, in one luggage niche I have been satisfied for many years: My Lands' End attaché. It's canvas, and fairly casual, somewhere between jeans and t-shirt and casual Friday. It's tough as nails, as befits the Lands' End lifetime guarantee. I have to resist the urge to call it a satchel, because that word is not quite right even though it feels just right. It's full of compartments and pen pockets and slots just right for the PDAs I no longer use. Of course, we optimizers are never quite happy, and I find myself eyeing the Deluxe version, slightly more formal looking with leather accents, or the laptop version. However, my affection for the bag I have is so great that I successfully resist them. So far.


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