Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Always carry your keys

A piece of sanity-saving advice: Always carry keys, and spare keys. Never leave your house, even to get the mail, without a house key. Carry a spare car key so that you can get into the car when you lock your keys in it. I very rarely need to actually use these, but it's a tremendous stress reliever not to have to triple-check the doorknob to make sure I'm not about to lock myself out of the house, nor to ask my wife four times when we get out of the car whether she has the keys before I shut my door.

A similar tip: Always lock your house, car, etc. with the key. That is, shut the unlocked door and then lock it with the key, rather than locking it from the inside so that it's locked as soon as you shut it. (Using the car's clicker counts, assuming it's on the keychain with your car key.) If you need the keys to lock it, and it isn't locked otherwise, then there is no way to lock your keys inside.


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