Man-n-Bag Axible

Man-n-Bag Axible

The folks at Man-n-Bag were kind enough to send me a unit to review, allowing me a much more in-depth examination than most of the bags in my buying guide.

Their product, while not perfect, is quite likeable, and might well be the right solution for many buyers. Its dimensions are 8.5" x 9.5" x 2", for an approximate capacity of 161.5 cubic inches, placing it near the middle of the range covered by my buying guide. This is a good size; still much smaller than a briefcase, but big enough to hold a marble-type composition book or a hardback novel.

My favorite thing about it is elegant and attractive but still masculine. Unlike almost all of the bags in my buying guide, the Man-n-Bag would look appropriate with a coat and tie, though it could still accompany casual clothes as well. Its touted features are quite cool: the 'axible' in the name describes the thin slots on the two front pockets, into which you can stick your fingers to push a cellphone or PDA out of its pocket, and the transparent slots into which you can put your ID are perfect for those airport security checkpoints. In addition to those two axible pockets, the main compartment of the bag is roomy, with a zippered mesh pocket along one of the sides.

On the minus side, I like for my bags to have a carry handle on top for those times when you don't want to sling it over your shoulder; this one doesn't. There are no pockets on the outside, so there is no way to put anything in it without opening it. Other than the large zippered mesh pocket inside, there is no place to segregate all the loose junk that tends to collect in your bag: change, breath mints, and the like. (It does, however, have a little lanyard to which you can attach your keys and reel them in when they get lost in the bottom of the bag.) Finally, the warranty is pretty weak: 30 days against manufacturing defects, where most bags of this type carry some kind of limited lifetime warranty. (It does look like it will be pretty durable, though of course only time will tell.)

All in all, this looks like it could be an excellent choice for many buyers, especially if you don't tend to collect a lot of loose junk in your bag. As a man-bag user for almost 15 years, I give it my tentative seal of approval; after I've carried it for a while, I'll update this review with any further comments.

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