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Friday, January 14, 2005

Why I love the web

1. My daughter and I really enjoy all of
ThinkFun's puzzles. A friend tells me that his favorite of theirs is Lunar Lockout; unfortunately, this does not seem to be made any more, and I can't find it anywhere (not even eBay). However, a quick web search turns up a handy online version!
2. My wife and I are watching The Andy Griffith Show the other day (don't ask), and wonder whether James Best actually played the guitar. Ten years ago this would've been more difficult to answer than it was worth, but today a few minutes on Google tells me that no, he didn't play, that the close-ups of his fretwork were actually famous jazz guitarist Herb Ellis.

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My local games store has several copies of Lunar Lockout in stock. If you're interested in the handheld version, let me know - it's on me!

- d
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