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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Little apples

Lots of buzz about the stuff Apple unveiled at MacWorld: The
Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle. At first I thought the Mac Mini was a "big deal" idea, but it's growing on me. Certainly (as with pretty much all Apple products) I love the form factor. But my first thought was that it needs to be cheaper for me to buy one, since work makes me so Windows-centric that the Mac would be pretty much a plaything. Later I realized, though, that it's at just about exactly the pricepoint for me to replace my kids' circa-1999 Windows desktop with a Mac Mini when the time comes. After all, their machine already has a really nice LCD monitor. As for the iPod Shuffle, this is the first digital music player that has tempted me. For both my wife and I, pretty much our only occasion to need portable music is when exercising, and this unit looks about perfect for that application. Plus, I just love the way it looks -- I'd probably want one even if I had no use for it.

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