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Friday, December 03, 2004

Don't Walk

WP: A report finds that in the U.S., walking is far more dangerous than driving, with a fatality rate per miles traveled over 15 times higher. This report just puts numbers to the obvious fact that our pedestrian infrastructure very badly sucks. For example, the subway system is (probably) going to be extended to Dulles Airport. The nearest stop will then be precisely two miles from my house. However, it will be impossible for me to safely walk or bicycle there, as doing so would require walking on the shoulder of, or biking on, a 55mph, six-lane road.

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It does not make sense to measure the fatality rate simply "per miles traveled", because driving is faster than walking, and the likelihood of getting into an accident goes up with the amount of time spent. (Even standing still you could get into an accident!)

True that the pedestrian infrastructure needs improvement though (almost everywhere except Whistler BC).

From a Systems Administrator in Surrey BC Canada
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