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Monday, August 09, 2004


The Washington Post is running an interesting series of articles about sprawl.
Yesterday's installment was about how governments foster sprawl by creating more jobs than housing. They do this because business contribute more to the tax base than residences do. Today's is about people moving way out in the country and enduring horrible commutes in order to get the more affordable housing far outside the city. People are certainly welcome to make their own choices, but what really burns me is when people move way the hell out in the country, but then demand that we widen the little two-lane country roads that can no longer support the traffic they're carrying. Personally, I would live in anything that my family could physically fit in, no matter how cramped, before I would spend 2+ hours a day commuting. I mean, wouldn't these people's families rather have their Dad (or Mom) for an extra two hours a day than have a big house? I guess not.

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