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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Will Apple ever be relevant?

Jobs's WWDC talk
described a bunch more really great enhancements to OS X, and as always, I find myself wondering if Apple will ever really matter? I love Apple. I love their software, their hardware, their design sense, their quality ethic... I love everything about them except for the fact that as long as 93% of the desktop machines in the world run Windows, Apple is pretty much irrelevant. (Apple zealots, save your flames; I was once one of the faithful, and I know the drill.) I wonder if Apple will ever get enough market share to really matter. As I have since about 1986, I think the path to world domination for Apple is to port their OS to Intel hardware. Meanwhile, as long as I get 10X the return on investment for developing for Windows than I would developing for Apple, I'll have to stick with the hegemony.

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