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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Home-office obsolescence

Now that our house is fully wi-fi'ed, I find that we spend very little time in the room called "the office," which, unlike in many homes, really serves only the single purpose of being the office. There are so many more pleasant places to work now that I'm untethered: The screened-in back porch, the kitchen table, the table in front of the fireplace. So, we begin to ponder reclaiming the office, probably as a (previously missing) guest bedroom. So far so good, but there are still some functions the office serves that will need to be relocated: It still houses the kids' computer, and the bill-sorting-and-paying area, and most other paperwork-related functions. Some of that stuff could coexist with the guest bedroom (or whatever), but much of it would have to be relocated. Which leaves us with a large set of design- and furniture-related problems to solve. I've always thought those little desk areas in the kitchen were sort of silly, but now I see how that might be useful. Of course, this, my third house, is my first whose kitchen lacks such a nook. I guess we'll just let it happen organically, and see how it ends up.


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