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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Cargo MagazineIn a secret laboratory at Condé Nast, scientists discovered that if they put four or five issues of Wired in a centrifuge, they could precipitate out all of the intellectual content. What is left is a magazine full of ads and articles that look like ads; they named this magazine Cargo. It's completely male-oriented (think Maxim without the cheesecake) and completely, unapologetically devoted to crass consumerism. Still, it's cheap (about a dollar an issue), and sort of fun to read (using the word read loosely: more like you "read" a catalog than like you read a book). Some of the advice would be useful in principle if it weren't so ridiculously upscale; for example, I could use a cotton blazer, but the one they recommend is $905. The technology/gadgetry sections are closer to the mark: For example, in the first issue, a pretty good survey of the state of the art in camcorders, and a set of mini-reviews of every cellphone that exists. One clever touch: A page of sticky-note tabs to mark pages you want to investigate further.

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