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Thursday, March 04, 2004

  • A Bronx elementary school teacher's journal. Yikes.
  • Growing an Avocado tree from a seed.
  • Garrett Wade, a catalog of high-quality tools and mechanical gadgets.
  • The movie alphabet game. I did abysmally.
  • Maps of world subways, all at the same scale. I've always complained at how limited is the usefulness of D.C.'s subway system; looking at this, you can really see how sparse it is relative to some other subway systems. Look at London: About the same breadth, but much denser.
  • Engadget: The editor of Gizmodo makes a go of his own gadget weblog.
  • On Search: A fascinating technical overview of web-search technology.
  • Do-it-yourself zoned HVAC, accomplished by electronically opening and closing registers.

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