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Thursday, March 11, 2004

  • Ask Edward Tufte
  • Another electric car scheduled to be produced in the U.S. It's beginning to feel like some momentum is building here; maybe by the time we have to replace our second car, there will be an affordable all-electric alternative.
  • Think of Me rings. I thought this was incredibly sappy, but my wife loved the idea.
  • David C. Roy's incredible kinetic wood sculptures.
  • Using Wi-Fi to cover holes in cellular service. I'm totally infatuated with the one-person/one-phone model; maybe by the time this kind of technology gets ironed out (I get no cellular service whatsoever inside my house), the price of two zillion-minute cellphones will be no more than my current bills for two landlines and one few-minute cellphone.
  • A robot that squirts concrete to build houses. What's so exciting about this kind of technology isn't the productivity improvement, but rather the fact that it will be able to build designs like we've never seen before (and economically, no less!).
  • Looking for the perfect Passover gift for the child in your life? How about a Bag of Plagues?
  • Make a milk jug skeleton.

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