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Tuesday, July 31, 2001

I just saw the
Royal Excelsior PDA at Costco for $25. Its functionality is a bit limited: six-line display, 384KB memory, no way to put your own apps on it (AFAIK), allegedly clunky UI, but it does provide fundamental PDA functionality (datebook, address book, to do list, memo pad, calculator, and a few others), it syncs with a PC, and the price is certainly right. The form factor is really nice -- just a little smaller than a Palm, which I've always thought were just a little bit too big. It's probably too limited for most people (though at that price, it might be fun to try to hack it), but I have to think there's still a lot of room for manufacturers to play in the space between this, at $25, and the Palm, starting around $100. I, for one, would be happy to give up a little of the Palm's functionality to make it a little smaller and cheaper. (Update 9/18/01: If you aren't Costco-compatible, they now have this at, albeit more expensively.)

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