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Monday, January 15, 2001

Last week, in the midst of an extremely grouchy day, I composed a short list of things that annoy me:
  1. Radio traffic reporters with cutesy traffic-related names like Diamond Lane, Ingrid Lock, and Lane Closure.
  2. Web sites that don't work without the "www." on the front.
  3. Dumb vanity license plates, especially those that just repeat the model of car, like "MY 300SL." Like, duh, that's already on the back of your car; you didn't have to pay extra to repeat it.
  4. Bills that say "Payable Upon Receipt" instead of giving me a due date.
  5. Forms that don't give you enough room for the information they specify; for example, they give you about a 1-inch space for your address.
  6. Commercials featuring talking animals. Two exceptions: The Taco Bell chihuahua and the sock puppet.
  7. Left-turn lanes so short that backed-up straight traffic prevents you from getting in them, so you just sit helplessly and watch the green left-turn arrow cycle by.
  8. "Enter your five-digit zip code, and then press 'pound'."

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