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Saturday, January 06, 2001

I just love the way electronics are always getting cheaper. I've always wanted a clock that automatically sets itself to the radio signal from the
NIST Atomic Clock. Years ago, these were ludicrously expensive units that only rich people could buy. As recently as a year or so ago, they were $200 gadgets that you got from places like Sharper Image. Last night I saw an ad for the Emerson SmartSet, a clock/radio that sets itself (time and date), that retails for just $39, and that will probably be available in any local department store. What a wonderful world we live in. Update 1/8: I just saw a digital wall-clock like this at CostCo for $20, though I'm going to hold off for the Emerson or some other bedside clock. Also, I love how the manufacturers call all of these clocks "atomic;" it reminds me of the 70's, when everything remotely high-tech had the adjective "space-age" attached to it.

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