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Friday, November 10, 2000

Keyboard news:
  • First, for desktop PCs, there's this extremely weird "keybowl" keyboard. This consists of two domes, on top of which you rest your hands. You then "type" by simultaneously pushing each of the two domes in one of the eight compass directions, thus creating a 64-"key" keyboard. The appeal of this is that it requires no fine finger motion, and thus is supposed to be much friendlier with respect to repetitive stress injuries. However, (a) it's really pricey, at $320 currently, and (b) although they make some vague claims about typing speed, I have trouble imagining how I could even approach my typing speed of 140wpm with such an arrangement.
  • Second, for PalmPilots: I loved the idea of the Fitaly keyboard, designed for one-finger typing as on a PDA, but the keyboard their software provided was right in the middle of the screen, always in the way. Now they've come out with a version that uses an overlay in the graffiti area of the PalmPilot as the keyboard: much better.

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