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Thursday, October 12, 2000

Startup idea I'll never use: What if a search engine ranked its results based (in part) on their similarity to the pages in your bookmarks? It seems pretty obvious that pages similar to ones you've already decided you like are more likely to be useful to you. The problem is that the search engine's pages are over there, your bookmarks are here, and the actual content those bookmarks point to is over somewhere else. There could be some sort of handshaking scheme whereby the engine grabs your bookmarks, but that seems invasive, not to mention slow. Perhaps a
search engine and one of those web-based bookmark companies could work together (or, more likely, one of the former could buy one of the latter); that way, all the necessary information would be in one place. If someone wants to try this out, be my guest; either cash or options are fine by me :-).

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