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Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Like many people, I suspect, we don't watch much TV in the summer when it's all reruns. Inevitably, each summer we'll discover a new show or two from watching its summer reruns, and a handful of formerly regularly-watched shows will fail to retain our interest over the summer hiatus. Our new show is The West Wing, which we discovered once someone pointed out that it's a product of Aaron Sorkin, who did Sports Night, which we loved and mourn (he also wrote
A Few Good Men and The American President, by the way). Shows in which we've lost interest: Ally McBeal (mostly), Law & Order, and ER. We're anxiously awaiting, as every year, the return of NYPD Blue (not till January, dammit!). And as much as I like it, after all these years I still can't seem to manage to watch X-Files with any regularity -- I simply must get a ReplayTV!

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