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Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Another author tries e-publishing a novel, and this one gets it right:
David Pesci, the author of Amistad, is electronically publishing his second novel, The Satori Effect. Unlike a certain author, whose baroque distribution scheme involves a lot of waiting and a serious risk of buying part of the novel and never getting the ending because less-honest people didn't pay, Pesci's scheme is simplicity itself. You can download the first 120 pages for free, and then for $10 you can get the rest of the novel. "Keep it simple" in action. Oh, and I'm only 90 pages in, but the book is pretty good, too. However, a note to e-book publishers: make it available in 2-up, and maybe even 4-up, format. This one, for example, is 600+ pages long, in 12-point font, double-spaced; it would be plenty readable in 2-up, and would require half the paper.

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