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Monday, September 18, 2000

My favorite radio show,
TechRadio, airs on Saturday afternoon, when I am never listening to the radio. I looked, but have been unable to find, a device that will timed-record from the radio, as a VCR does for TV. Surely they must exist, and I haven't looked that hard yet, but it surprised me that I couldn't just find one right away. Taking this idea further, it seems like you could make a Tivo/ReplayTV-type device for radio, a lot more cheaply than for TV (since audio data is so much smaller than video). An MP3 player can store 4 hours of voice, so one should be able to get (almost?) that much talk radio in a solid-state device. Indeed, many portable MP3 players contain a radio tuner, and so I would hope you can record radio, so all that's lacking is the timer. Perhaps I could hack this design to add a radio tuner and a timer.

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