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Monday, September 18, 2000

Jeanne Marie Laskas's
column this week was about having a bat in her house, which reminded me of my own bat experience in college. A bat somehow found its way into our dorm, and presently was flying up and down my hall. As you might imagine, a dorm-hall full of guys thought this was highly amusing, and a number of them were chasing it around. It found its way into the stairwell, and apparently the door into the next floor down, which was populated by women (our dorm was coed by floor) had been propped open. We knew this because, as perfectly as if it had been choreographed, seconds after the bat left our floor, we heard a perfect cascade of shreik! - SLAM - shreik! - SLAM - shreik! - SLAM - ... progressing down the hallway below ours as the bat made its way down the hall, and the ladies slammed their doors to keep it out of their rooms. Eventually the bat found its way outside without harm to itself or anyone else.

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