Joe Ganley (and family)

This is my 'personal' site, and is likely of little interest to anyone who doesn't already know us. It has not been updated in a long time.

Otherwise, you might be looking for my 'professional' site at Most everything technology-related lives there now.

I have a blog called Inseparable where I occasionally write amusing anecdotes about my kids.

I like to write, though I don't do nearly enough of it. Probably my favorite of my essays is Turf War, but there are many others here.

I do a lot of home improvement. I've installed wainscoting (aka beadboard) in two rooms in our house, and one of the most popular pages on this site is my wainscoting installation advice.

I used to maintain a blog; you can still get to the old front page or the archives.

Likely of interest to no-one but us, but I keep a scrapbook of ideas for when we someday build a custom home.